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Early in my business career, I learned the value of evaluating and managing business risks, and that experience has served me well in my practice. A common thread in the business law issues my clients face is advice on risk management.  My philosophy is to originate legal solutions that account for those risks.  Some of the areas in which I provide representation include company formations, capital raises, private placements of securities, SEC reporting, business mergers and acquisitions, FINRA compliance and more routine matters of contractual, employment and intellectual property licensing. But I also help clients with the estate planning representation in the preparation of wills, trusts, durable general powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney and living wills and other planning instruments and techniques along with probate administration.

Jeffrey R. Perry, ESQ.

I am a sole practitioner attorney and counselor a​t law with over 26 years of service as both a businessman and a lawyer. That time provided meaningful experiences that blend business and legal perspectives, allowing me to offer practical legal solutions and comprehensive advice to my clients.  For several years I served as general counsel for two Phoenix, Arizona based public companies, one a technology solution provider offering desktop computers and servers using the Linux operating system and one in the home improvement marketplace providing contractor to homeowner matching services.  In addition, I have also represented a number of other Arizona based public or SEC reporting companies in the biotechnology and technology marketplaces.  I am admitted to practice law in both Arizona and Texas.

Skylarkin' Around the Neighborhood

"Skylarkin'" was a term my dad often used when my brother and I were horsing around, focused on things that were not pertinent to the task at hand. From his viewpoint, we weren't as attentive to what he wanted us to do as we should be.  He would say, "Quit your skylarkin'!" It was usually my brother's fault!  So my thinking for this spot was to provide some educational ideas and thoughts on a wide range of unrelated topics that you may find of interest.  I have no intent to connect the dots here but try to give you something worthy of your time.  I realize that every posting here won't intrigue everyone but hopefully over time you will find value in what you read.

Note: None of these posts are intended as legal advice or tax advice, and I hereby disclaim the use of these writings in any way for such purposes. They are offered only for editorial or educational purposes.  If you seek legal advice consult with a lawyer or an accountant for tax advice and do not rely on what is written here for such purposes.